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Contested Parenting Actions – Child Custody

It would be great to work things out and stay friends…..

If you are at odds with your child’s other parent about where your child should live, how much time they should spend with each parent or how they should be raised, it is essential to seek the advice of a qualified family law attorney. With more than twenty-six years of experience in family law, Hays Johnson Law PC can present your case and advocate for your rights to raise your child in a healthy, thriving environment. I represent parents in child custody disputes in North Central and throughout North Dakota. Above all else, I am committed to protecting your child’s best interests while upholding your parental bond.

But sometimes you have to go to court.

Children are best served when parents maintain a cordial relationship. Through the structured process of mediation, couples can often set aside hostility and agree on key decisions affecting their children. Mediation can be a highly effective tool for parents to preserve their children’s well-being and the stability of their lives during the turbulent process of divorce. It takes some of the stress out of child custody conflicts and puts important child-rearing decisions in the hands of the parents rather than the court. I use mediation strategies to guide the negotiation process toward a healthy resolution.

However, in some cases, litigation is necessary to protect a child’s best interests. When one parent will not compromise or expresses hostility toward the other parent, negotiations fail. Sometimes a parent may even pose a danger to the child’s well-being. In these cases, litigation is the most appropriate forum for establishing parental rights.   There are certain issues that can only be determined in Court, I do not hesitate to bring a divorce or parenting action to the courtroom.  I represent clients in matters related to:

  • Primary and equal residential responsibility custody arrangements
  • Modification of parenting plan
  • Enforcement of orders and motions for contempt
  • Juvenile guardianship and deprivation and neglect proceedings
  • Grandparent rights and intervention for visitation

The uncertainty of litigation can be stressful for parents and children alike. As your committed representative, I am prepared to address all of your concerns and those of your family in cases involving the custody of your children.

If you need skilled legal help for a child custody matter, I am ready to represent your interests and protect your child’s welfare. Call me at 701-839-3646 or contact me online to schedule a limited telephone consultation at my Minot, North Dakota office.

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